Your Personal Productivity Depends on the Time That You Can Manage

The vast majority of time management programs actually totally miss the point. They include the things that you should be doing to manage your time better and there is a lot of good information that you can learn from these programs that will help you. However, when people get back to work they almost always fail to achieve a great deal more productivity in the given time because of one fundamental reason that they haven’t learned.

The thing they haven’t learned is about time production. That means that they should be producing more time to achieve what they want to achieve. Think of it this way, you can’t manage your time unless you’ve got some time to manage. Start off by getting rid of all the time that you waste because this will give you some time to manage and then you can increase your productivity. This may sound very simple but I’ll bet that you’ve never seen it like this.

To avoid wasting time at meetings, create an agenda with a time allocation for each item. Send the agenda to each participant a week ahead of the meeting. Explain on the agenda that the objective is to get a solution or solutions.

Don’t answer the phone. You actually don’t have to answer the phone when it rings. If you have blocked out certain time for working on a task don’t let phone calls interrupt your momentum. Whilst you may feel that you always need to be available, the truth is that you are losing productivity by permitting continual interruptions.

Think about what happens when you answer the phone. Keep a log of every phone call you take and how much productive time you waste each day by answering the phone. Unless your job specifies that you are paid to answer the phone, don’t do it. Try turning off your phone for half your day so that you can complete your tasks without interruptions. If you can’t resist it and have to answer, ask your caller if you can call back when it suits you.

There is no way that you can complete your tasks on time and be productive if you are constantly interrupted by drop-in visitors. Make a sign up that says don’t disturb and put it on the handle of your door which should be closed. This will deter all but the most determined interrupters. If you get somebody that can’t take a hint, schedule a time that suits you.

If you adopt these strategies you will start to regain some time. When you’re done that, you can manage the time that you’ve saved.