Personal Productivity Tips – How to Be More Productive

There’s a funny dilemma in the productivity world: the more time we devote to being productive, the less time we can actually spend working. There are hundreds of websites out there claiming to have the latest miracle productivity application, the best system for organizing and distributing your time, and the newest secret to work success.

The problem isn’t that these systems and applications don’t work — they very often do — it’s that they don’t actively produce results, and instead end up creating more distractions, more problems, and ultimately less work. The best way to learn how to be productive is to separate the core components of productivity from the superficial.

Sure, you can create a productivity system that’s built on applications and crutch programs, but it’s not going to scale to your setting and work style. Whenever you’re not in front of your computer, you’re not going to be able to use your productivity suite.

A much better way to increase productivity is to create a mindset and skill-set that results in work regardless of what setting it’s used in, and regardless of where and how you’re operating it.

In the end, learning how to be productive is about distancing systems of behavior from systems for controlling setting. While controlling setting with productivity programs and tools results in short-term productivity increases, the changes aren’t permanent.

You’ll undoubtedly see more work, but it’s a superficial change, not a productivity system that follows you wherever you go. Invest some time in changing the behavioral systems, and watch as you increase your work output wherever you are, whenever you’re working, and however you want to.

That’s the secret to ultimate productivity, and by far the better system to spend your time learning and adapting to.