Personal Productivity – The Basic Principle Of Being More Productive

I don’t know about you but with email, Blackberries and iPads I’m busier than ever before. Although many of the latest tools and gadgets are great and can make your life a lot easier it can also add a lot of tress and it seems like the more I can do with it the more I want to do – to the point where it becomes an overload. Being productive instead of being busy really requires a different mindset. You really have to stay focused and not allow any of the millions of distractions steer you off course.

If you are a crazy busy person then you need to learn how to focus. Focus is not so much about what you do as it is about what you don’t do. The secret is in eliminating all those distractions that steals your time and your focus.

The ability to define your most important tasks and to throw all your time and energy into that is what will produce the greatest results for you. So many people are crazy busy but they are incredibly unproductive. being busy is often an excuse for doing what’s needs to be done. Its really important that you evaluate your priorities.

Priorities is not about what you like best but rather about what is most effective. The old 80/20 rule applies here. The premise is that 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results. What is that 20% and how can you throw all your time, money and effort into only that. How can you block out all other distractions and how can you focus.

In the end its not about doing more. Its about doing less – but accomplishing more. This is the sole aim of productivity and in the end it is what will give you the greatest sense of fulfillment in your personal and professional life.