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This ole phrase as been around quite a while – “You are one in a million!”

It is usually a complimentary phrase we use to express how unusual someone is.

But in today’s world, being KNOWN as “one in a million” is a profound statement that few have achieved.

Very few people are recognized in our over-crowded, bland, same-o/same-o sea of faces as “one in a million.”

Oh sure, there’s Oprah. We know who is the current President of the United States. We know the news anchor of our favorite evening newscast.

But to rise to the top of the heap in your own business or profession is a gigantic leap requiring unprecedented ability!

Very few ever become branded so they are known by “a million” people in their town or in the nation. Very few even comprehend the

magnitude of being branded among so many people for what they do in their business or profession. Very few ever give it a thought, because it seems so impossible.

And even fewer think of the phenomenal financial rewards attached to this accomplishment!

But with the advent of the Internet – with it’s low operational cost and creative back-bone…

the Internet can be harnessed for the first time with the most powerful branding venue the world has ever known – – – television – – –

and now, almost-instantly, name recognition can be achieved for any person in virtually any business, profession or entrepreneurial activity…

at such a measly, cheesy, negligible, piddling cost that the most stingy person including Scrooge can afford it!

IF they have the know-how!

Produce your first-class Show (about whatever you do as a business or profession) in a $30 million studio with a camera crew and director who has won Emmy recognition…

and proliferate it across the Internet at video sites, your own web sites, Web 2.0 social sites, and in email broadcasts, auto-responders, and affiliate marketing…

and then inter-connect the World Wide Web with television branding in prime-time network, cable and FCC mandated “lease access” stations at rates so low…

that each exposure is less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad!

You can now blanket a major city with your own professionally-produced Show!

And this is possible (and accomplished by others right now) in Los Angeles (the 2nd largest city in the US) with a professionally-produced, 30 minute Show – every day, for an entire month…

for only $1500 a month!

Or, tell your story in your own home town, using prime-time TV each time, for 100 bucks!

That’s less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad.

If you only have the know-how!

It’s all now possible today in our contemporary age as an unbelievable feat with the combination of TV branding and the Internet!

Personal Productivity – The Basic Principle Of Being More Productive

I don’t know about you but with email, Blackberries and iPads I’m busier than ever before. Although many of the latest tools and gadgets are great and can make your life a lot easier it can also add a lot of tress and it seems like the more I can do with it the more I want to do – to the point where it becomes an overload. Being productive instead of being busy really requires a different mindset. You really have to stay focused and not allow any of the millions of distractions steer you off course.

If you are a crazy busy person then you need to learn how to focus. Focus is not so much about what you do as it is about what you don’t do. The secret is in eliminating all those distractions that steals your time and your focus.

The ability to define your most important tasks and to throw all your time and energy into that is what will produce the greatest results for you. So many people are crazy busy but they are incredibly unproductive. being busy is often an excuse for doing what’s needs to be done. Its really important that you evaluate your priorities.

Priorities is not about what you like best but rather about what is most effective. The old 80/20 rule applies here. The premise is that 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results. What is that 20% and how can you throw all your time, money and effort into only that. How can you block out all other distractions and how can you focus.

In the end its not about doing more. Its about doing less – but accomplishing more. This is the sole aim of productivity and in the end it is what will give you the greatest sense of fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Soap Making: Creating A Unique And Personal Product

Soap is one of the simple essentials of life, keeping things clean and free of bacteria. This versatile product can be found in a myriad of different applications in daily life. Rather than turning to a commercial product for hygiene needs, many consumers instead make their own soap.Handmade soaps can also serve as a great gift for friends and family.

Exploring the Making Process

Making cleanser is a process that has gone through many different metamorphoses over the course of history. Today’s modern soap maker has a huge array of resources available that can help simplify the overall soap making process. From scents and fragrances to molds used to form unique cleanser shapes, there are plenty of different options to explore within the world of soap.

Creating Unique Products

Because of the vast assortment of scents available, making a cleanser that will smell delicious could not be simpler! Some soap makers choose to mix different fragrances, creating a unique concoction unlike any other available on the market. Others will instead forgo scent altogether, instead opting for a product that cleanses without giving off a particular smell. Regardless of the unique personal preferences of the cleanser maker, it is easy to accommodate these desires.

Developing Interesting Shapes and Sizes

For example, many commercial soaps are only available in a single size, which may not fit the specific needs of a soap maker. Instead of purchasing one of these blocks of soap, molds can be used to shape handmade soap into different shapes and sizes. Not only is this useful when a specific size of soap is needed, but it can also be great fun for kids and adults alike.

Giving Handmade Soaps as Gifts

While creating soap for the home is a great reason to begin making soap, handmade soaps can also be a wonderful gift for friends and family members. Many soap makers choose to make products that feature the fragrances they know the recipient will enjoy. It is also easy to customize soaps to fit the recipient, using molds that feature their initials or giving cleanser that match their personality.

Regardless of why one chooses to begin making soap, the many rewards of this process make it a great pastime for anyone to consider. Not only is making soap and cost-effective and enjoyable, but it makes for a great experience that can be shared with others or used to relax.

Consumers Trend Toward Customized and Personalized Products

More and more consumers are gravitating to products that are personalized or can be customized for their individual tastes. They love the feeling that they are buying something unique that allows them to stand out in the crowd.

The consumer research trend company, Trend Watching, has written about the shift to one-of-a-kind products. In a recent online newsletter, their editors write, “No longer do consumers want to be like the Joneses, the Mullers or the Li’s. When individuality rules and conformity is frowned upon, owning something no one else has is hot.”

Applying this concept to the mass consumer market, Trend Watching goes on to write that buyers are looking to be masters of their own “Youniverse.”

Emphasis on the You.

Along these same lines, from the Oct. 27, 2008 issue of U.S. News and World Report, the publication describes the consumer market as it shifts from mass to unique. They coined the word “Meconomy” to describe this new trend.

Emphasis on the Me.

Where did this yearning for uniqueness come from? The modern personalization industry is pretty much an American phenomenon. Our country is comprised of people who just plain love to own things that are personalized.

That personalization could be as simple as a first name on a mug or a soft nursery blanket with baby’s initials. It might be custom-designed sneakers for the obsessive runner or make-up that is blended to perfectly match someone’s skin coloring. It might even be personalized stationary and postage stamps customized with a photo of the family pet. Today, the personalization options are practically endless.

The economy is even having a positive effect on the personalization industry. Faced with a deepening recession, shoppers are demanding that their purchases be more meaningful. A customized gift will fill this need.

U.S. News and World Report Agrees, “By customizing, shoppers can get the most out of less frequent splurges. And, the trend is not restricted to those with money – it spans ages, income groups, and regions.”

Customization has become even more popular and prevalent with online purchases. Websites make it easy to create products just the way you want them.

If you are a Baby Boomer, you will no doubt remember the Burger King “Have it Your Way” ad campaign from the 1970s. It was a catchy jingle with a simple message: visit Burger King rather than the ubiquitous McDonalds and we’ll fix your burger any way you want it.

In essence, Burger King was emphasizing the fact that they would individualize your fast-food experience. The campaign seems simple and tame now, but it was pretty revolutionary back then. Burger King was able to stand out when everyone else was promoting price and predictability.

Today’s consumers want their buying experience to be tailored and personalized just for them. Sure, Wal-Mart will still be the destination for household staples and buyers will visit Costco for the best electronics deals. But for many other purchases, buyers are looking for companies and choices that are outside of the big box. Instead of a name brand that is mass produced (and marketed to the hilt), they want products that relate to their life, a product that makes a personal connection. They want to “have it their way.”