Motivated Miles – Turn Your Drive Time Into Personal Productive Power

Recently, I took a sales training class. That by itself is probably not very exciting. The cool part is that I took the majority of the class while driving in my car!

Most of us spend hundreds of hours in our cars and drive thousands of miles each year. While there are many ways to spend this time, you can turn your drive from a monotonous daily routine into a productivity powerhouse activity. You don’t have to take a sales class to make this happen. There are dozens of ways you can better utilize this time but let me briefly explain what I did.

I signed up for an online class about sales training. The lessons were all in MP3 format. Each week, I would download the lessons onto my MP3 player. I would then listen to them while driving to and from work. My commute is 25 miles each way so I would have around 30 minutes every morning and afternoon to listen to, reflect on and think about the material being presented. As I listened, I could easily stop the program when I wanted to think about an important topic. I would have a notepad and pen available if I wanted to jot down a quick note (always keep your driving safety in mind). I could also use my phone to record a quick audio note to myself on that subject. Throughout the week I could repeat the lesson if necessary to ensure I understood the entire topic. The key point is that it did not take away from my personal life to complete this course. I drive to work every day anyway. I was simply making better use of the time and drive I was already making.

So how do you spend your drive time? Are you filling your mind with positive information? Are you improving your life while you go from place to place? There are many options you can use. There are motivational and inspirational CDs that cover all kinds of personal development topics from goal setting to eliminating procrastination. There are classes and instructional programs like the sales training course that I took. There are inspirational music and relaxation tapes. It’s up to you to determine what you would like to do with your time and how you would like to improve your life. I just want to mention what I did and how it worked for me. When I’m not taking classes while I drive, I listen to motivational tapes from people like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. When I’m not listening to anything in the car, I am brainstorming for ideas on a particular problem or challenge. Drive time is a great time to think!

Analyze how you can make better use of your commute. Fill your mind with positive messages. Fill your time with personal development. Turn your many miles into motivated miles. Turn your drive time into personal development time. This is an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. Look around at the other drivers. Don’t do what they are doing, do what high performing people are doing and use your time to its fullest potential. Get on the road to success today!

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Bruce Knoll