How to Raise Your Personal Productivity Through Planning

Is this similar to your normal day? You get to work knowing that you’ve got a number of things that you have to achieve during that day. On the way to your office you stop off and grab a cup of coffee to get you going. What you are doing this, you meet the sales manager also getting a cup of coffee. He engages you in a long conversation about the new product that is about to be launched next week. You escape from him and start walking towards your office. On the way you meet a department head who asks you if you can recall the name and contact details of a consultant to the business used three years ago. You search your memory and can’t remember the name of a person but you remember the event. You have to wait whilst the department head gives you the reasons why they are seeking to re-employ that particular consultant.

You field several other questions from the department head and then get to your office. It has been an hour and a half since you walked in the building. When you get there your assistant is urgently waving three message slips to you. It seems that your boss wants to see you urgently and has already made three phone calls. You go and see him. Finally, you reach your desk and it is two hours and fifteen minutes since you arrived in the building. When you get your office there are 23 phone messages that require your urgent attention.

When you have dealt with the phone messages, check your e-mail and answered any questions getting close to lunchtime. You grab a hurried lunch and return to your office. This is your big opportunity to do your major task of the day which is to review your staff performances. Just as you start going through the reviews standards, Graham drops in to ask you what he should do with an absentee problem that is causing staffing problems on one of the production lines. It’s a serious matter so you spend an hour looking at the options and developing strategies to solve the problem.

Does this sound like you? If it is, your problem is that other people are running your day. I have no clear plan for the day you are forever at the mercy of the things that clamor for your attention, especially the loudest. Planning for the day instead of letting it unfold at the whim of other people, is the single most important aspect of your time shortage problem. Just remember, other people will gobble up your time but if you are planned, you have the opportunity to do what you have planned rather than what they want. The remedy is relatively simple.Will will

  1. Set some long-range goals and objectives.
  2. Establish priorities for these goals with a timeline.
  3. Work out your personal energy cycle and sketch out your ideal day.

Using 1, your goals, 2, your priorities and 3, your ideal day, create a plan and write it down.

Personalized Products For National Fire Prevention Week

They say that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. And yes, this saying is true enough and very applicable in every situation that we are into. As the upcoming National Fire Prevention Week is fast approaching, the government and some non-profit groups will definitely post some guidelines and reminders about home protection and fire prevention. Indeed, fire incident is one of the most lethal things that may happen to you and your family. So to be able to keep everybody informed, there are information drives and affairs that are being organized.

Furthermore, these affairs that endeavors to keep everybody abreast on what they should do in cases of emergency like fire will never be complete with personalized items. Other than giving away flier, brochures and other reading materials there are the things that can open everybody’s minds and at the same time can carry your business into another fiery stage of brand building.

Tying up other organizations that are directly related to fire prevention is a smart move. Despite the fact that this occasion will only last for a week, it is a heroic duty to let the community informed with pointers on how they keep their household in safety mode. Some of the things that your corporation can give are t-shirts. Personalized t-shirts with the logo and a slogan regarding the issue will be highly effective campaign paraphernalia.

T-shirts boast of a huge imprinting portion that every people will notice and see even from a far. Provide this to happenings as a token of their attendance. Giving out promotional materials that are highly functional is very much appreciated by the people. They aren’t just informed; they also get benefits like t-shirts, mugs, cups, calendars, notepads, pens and other materials that can be customized according to the theme of the event.

More than that, t-shirt is a type of personalized materials that is budget-friendly and cheaper if purchased in bulk. Nonetheless, just limit your colors into three so you might not bother about the additional payment for added color.

Increase Personal Productivity by Working From Home Office

Typing these very words right now I am wearing nothing more than my favorite “Nike” shorts and slippers (also “Nike”). I have a glass of cold water beside my laptop to keep me wet (although I do not recommend drinking anywhere near your precious work station). The aircon is on, there is plenty of light. In other words – I am working, in spite of the fact that just 15 minutes ago I was in bed, struggling to get my lazy ass up.

Estimated 65 million people are working from home. Some full time and some part time. The number of ambitious personas working from home is growing daily thanks to improved technology, employer flexibility and worsening daily commutes. Most home builders understand what’s going on. They are already putting home office rooms in the model homes.

The Home Office Computing Magazine has conducted a study and found out that 96-98% of people who work from home are happier than they were when they worked at an office. And every single one of those business owners said that he/she recommends this lifestyle to others.

Some people are afraid making the shift from work place to a home office because they believe they won’t be able to resist readily available distractions. However, according to the same study, working from home increases productivity by 15-25%. This is just another example of how fear is just an illusion and needs to be treated as one – ignored.

I can be out of bed and into productivity in less than 10 minutes. If you spend 45 minutes arriving at work than it is a 90 minute daily commute you can cross off out of your daily schedule. 90 minutes a day grows into 7.5 hours a week and into astonishing 9 weeks a year. So, you can cross off 2 month plus a week of productive work time out of your calendar right on January 1st. Making this up just to break even takes twice that not to mention awful, annoying and often hazardous commute.

On my workdays, when I get hungry I don’t take an hour to go to launch. I go to the kitchen, get a healthy snack and back to work in just 10-15 minutes. I can even watch my favorite Tivo’ed show while I consume.

I make phone calls and send emails lying on my favorite orthopedic couch and even if I decide to take a 2 hour nap – I am still way ahead of an “office schedule.”

Socializing is not an issue as well. While I take five to breathe outside I often fetch my cell phone with me and make couple of calls to catch up with my friend. Note: after I am done catching up – cell phone’s GONE!

Sure, there are tradeoffs. Office often expands to other rooms around the house and business is always on my mind. But that beats the 90 minute commute plus unnecessary expanses I would have to make to get an office downtown. It’s a trade worth making.

How To Make Cash By Marketing Other Persons Products

The marketing of affiliate products on the internet can be a profitable choice for those looking to earn cash online as soon as possible. Whether or not it is possible to only sacrifice a few hours each week for your site, with some patience and persistent effort you should be able to make a a greater amount of money to assist you in these difficult times. By doing it the right way you could also join the large number of affiliates who earn a full time income from home simply by promoting affiliate products.

You can find below a reasonable amount of good reasons why marketing other’s products is a well liked choice.

The startup fees are low or maybe there are no costs at all:

If you are able to make a simple website using the WordPress platform, marketing affiliate products will basically cost you a small monthly fee for hosting your website, in addition to the cost of an autoresponder service if you choose to create your own email list. Once you have your first affiliate marketing website up then based on the hosting resources you have left you might be able to create several more affiliate marketing websites so that you would not have to pay for extra hosting. Choosing the correct hosting provider can save you a lot of money when it comes to building and hosting many affiliate websites at once.

You have a vast amount and variety of products that are available to promote:

On the internet there can be found hundreds and even thousands of affiliate products to promote for self help, reference, education, games, gardening, cooking, etc.; but choose a niche that you enjoy most or have the most knowledge of. You can also build an empire of websites with the niche you are able to master. For example in the event you appreciate sewing you might have a web site advertising the latest sewing devices. There will never be a shortage of affiliate products for you to choose from.

You can add affiliate marketing products to an existing website that you already own:

If you have a website that is already up and running, you can simply find an affiliate product that will offer some kind of assistance to your site’s audience. Provided that you are familiar with the affiliate product that you will be adding to your website you can write a review for your readers to better understand what the product does before they decide to buy it. In this way your readers will trust your judgment and click on the affiliate product link or links and in turn you will be more eligible to receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing can result in a steady monthly income:

Earning a revenue can fluctuate from time to time but once you apply the correct steps to marketing affiliate products, your revenue should become steady over time. The company Amazon provides cash commissions in the range of 8% to 15% on most of their merchandise. If you decide to take part in the Amazon Associate Program it would be a good idea to promote products with an advertising price of at least $100. That means in the event the product you choose provides a commission of 8% – 15%, for each product you promote you will make at least $8 to $15. If you choose products costing less than $100 it will take a lot of product commissions to earn a decent salary every month.

Another good location to look for affiliate products to promote for free is the ClickBank Marketplace. They sell products ranging from digital ebooks to digital software. Cash commissions earned from promoting products at ClickBank can range up to 100% so you will have a better chance at earning more money at the end of the month. If you take a look at the vast amount of digital products that are sold there you should be able to easily find one in your chosen niche that you are sure to generate commissions from. The variety of niche that they offer ranges from business, health and fitness, forex to even travelling. It is also a good idea to look over the product or products that you are going to promote to your website readers to ensure that you offer the best quality of digital products to your audience.